The Backdoor Cut (Ep. 03) — Shootaround Edition

Chief, Brofessor, and Slim are back for Episode 03 of The Backdoor Cut. In this episode, which we have dubbed the “Shootaround Edition”, we literally talk all things going on in the NBA.

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Podcast Timeline

Chief is late on Hawaiian Missile Crisis and we don’t correct him (2:15)

NBA Fight Club (3:20)

Rockets and Clippers “fight” (4:30)

Afflalo Haymaker (16:00)

NBA Image Problem? (19:25)

C-Lee tech vs Grizz (22:20)

Porzingis, Is he good? (29:00)

Anthony Davis is definitely good (34:00)

Celtics put Pierce and IT3 in bad spot (36:00)

Chris Herrington- Young Grizz Poll (43:00)

Cavs secret media meeting (53:00)

Lauri Markannen keeps breaking rookie records (1:00:00)

Rondo says Ray Allen is invited to ’08 reunion (1:05:00)

We put Devin Booker on a new team (1:13:00)

Can you put together a team to beat Warriors? (1:20:00)

Professor believes in the Raptors (1:23:00)

Dope or Nope (1:29:00)

[banner image: Sports Illustrated]


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