The Cutback (Ep. 02) — NFL Playoffs Divisional Round Preview

In Episode 2, Q and Slim continue their conversation from the first episode, but turn their attention to the upcoming weekend of the NFL Playoffs, the Divisional Round. Shoutout to Dirty Mike for the dope logo (and his Twitter resurgence).

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  • Falcons @ Eagles at the top
    • “I think the Falcons are gonna be doing the Dirty Bird in the Eagles end zone, via a Matt Ryan led drive in the last 2 minutes.”
  • Titans @ Patriots (10:00)
    •  “It’s not gonna happen, I don’t give a damn if Gronk gets injured or whoever else, it’s not gonna happen.”
  • Jaguars @ Steelers (28:00)
    • “Blake Bortles is wired different, he’s not like other quarterbacks.” “Yea, because he sucks.” “But they are gonna get at the Steelers.”
  • Saints @ Vikings (35:00)
    • “Look, you got contenders and you got pretenders. I think the Vikings are pretenders.”
  • Honoring the Champs (45:00)
  • Slim Finally Welcomes Q To The Barn (48:00)

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