(Questionable) Bum of the Week: Memphis AD Tom Bowen

A week after The BarnBurner lit the world on fire with its #FireTubbySmith petition and article, U. Memphis Athletic Director Tom Bowen appeared on the Jason & John show on 92.9 — hmm, wonder why?  As a result of this appearance, he’s this week’s (Questionable) #BumOfTheWeek.

The reason his bum-status is questionable is what is outlined in more detail in the CHIEF’s tweet storm below — Bowen’s hands were tied on-air.  He couldn’t actually say, “yeah, bro, we’re going to fire Tubby’s ass probably on Friday so he has the weekend to adsorb it.”  That’s not the way PR works, I’m told.  With that said, my tweet storm after listening better describes why his statements were troublesome, indicative of a possible misunderstanding of this basketball program, and, most importantly, bum-esque:

Bowen also mentioned “Years 4 and 5” with respect to Tubby.  If Tubby is afforded that many years, I’m afraid this program could be damaged beyond repair.  The one thing I loved was Bowen’s mention of the program being Top 25.  I agree.  Memphis Tiger Basketball should end each season ranked.  It has the facilities, booster support, and fan passions to do so.  Stay #woke, Tom, stay #woke.  And #GoTigersGo.

[banner image from 92.9 Hasseltine’s show]

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