The Cutback (Ep. 01) — NFL Wildcard Recap

Q & Slim link up for the first episode of The Cutback, official NFL Podcast of The Barn, and Q’s debut with The BarnBurner. Recapping the games and giving their takes on what transpired, the duo goes through all 4 games, although they spend more time on some than others (cough Bills/Jags cough).

  • Talking Titans 19-point comeback over KC at the top
    • Party like its 1999, and our 99 was better than the Bills.”
  • Falcons over Rams (25:00)
    • I told you. Experience.
  • Jags/Bills Slugfest (29:00)
    • If you watched this game you wasted your time.
  • Saints/Panthers NFC South Showdown (33:00)
    • Damn, that man can throw that football.

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