Yoga for bros: What is broga and should you do it?

To begin – let’s take a moment to appreciate the humble genius that eloquently merged two, otherwise opposing words, into a phrase that everyone can get behind.

Broga…just let it waft over you.

Here’s the deal: Study after study…after study all conclude the same thing – yoga is good for you.

Just look at these benefits:

  1. Boosts immunity
  2. Drops blood pressure
  3. Lowers blood sugar
  4. Builds muscle strength
  5. Literally…makes you smarter

But there’s a catch:


For the average man, yoga is…counterintuitive to our body structure (otherwise known as “really f***ing hard”).

Yoga is also filled with community specific terms, granola eating hippies and that girl Sandra that always assumes you’re looking at ‘her‘ (relax…we’re not).

So what’s the real story: 

Recently, yoga has been warrior running its way out of the west coast and finding new communities from all walks of life. One in particular; the average bro.

The average bro has a lot on his plate. And while the responsibilities continue to pile on, the expectations of a bro have never been higher. It is because of this, bros everywhere are beginning to grab a mat, and trying to figure out what the hell prana is.

Why should you do it? 

Let’s focus on three main benefits of yoga that directly apply to men:

  • Yoga will help calm your mind:

There is abundant research that shows active breathing, meditation and stretching through yoga has a profound impact on a worried mind. Perhaps you don’t feel the need, but a recent mental health service study found that nearly 70% of all people aged 18-29 experience extreme anxiety. If you’re feeling a bit more stressed than usual: try this video before bed tonight!

  • Yoga will help you get more defined:

It’s not all touching your toes and humming. Men that do yoga find it to be an excellent substitute for the gym from time to time. Believe it or not, you are not required to go vegan when you do your first sun salutation. You can maintain your current diet and throw off your bodies’ routine by including some basic yoga moves. Here is a good example video.

3. It’ll make you strong like bull:

The-barnburner has a policy to not post grotesque and unsavory content (I think). So I’ll let your imagination do the work. If a form of exercise dramatically increases blood flow, testosterone, flexibility and  mental control; what activity do you think may get done more often.




So there you have it.

Broga is a registered brand name. But the idea of male-centric yoga is nothing new. If you would like to do a little self improvement for 2018, buy yourself a mat and check out some free videos. My personal favorite is this one.



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