BarnBurner National Championship Predictions

With the National Title quick approaching, some of us here at the BarnBurner have chimed in with our predictions for the game tonight. If the anticipation is dragging out the last three hours of your day, hopefully this helps kill them. If you need even more time wasted, check here for my full title game preview.

Chief’s Prediction:

Alabama stops baby brother Georgia into the ground. Final score: 24-10.  With new UT Coach Jeremy Pruitt pulling the strings on defense and the Tide (somehow) playing from an underdog mentality, I can’t imagine Georgia pulling this off.  Holding the hire-powered offense of Clemson to 6 points (!!!) was something I hadn’t seen in recent memory.  Rumors abound that Saban didn’t practice the team as hard to bolster their energy means even old fossils can evolve their methodology.  The chink in Alabama’s armor, however, is their quarterback play.  Every time Jalen Hurts hurls a pass, it’s equally likely of being (1) pin-point accurate; and (2) an easily intercepted duck.  But on balance, I just can’t logically pick against Nick Sata — er… Saban.

Slim’s Prediction:

This is going to be an old school football game. We all know the strength of the Bulldogs is their run game, led by Michel and Chubb, but stopping the run is the strength of this Alabama defense, which ranked 8th in the nation in Rush D and is proving that they, indeed, are right up there with some of Saban’s best defensive units. Alabama is going to load the box and force Georgia’s freshmen quarterback, Jake Fromm, to make plays and I just don’t see the Bulldogs having the same offensive success in this matchup as they did last week against Oklahoma. Alabama likes to lean on the run game on offense, but sophomore quarterback Jalen Hurts already has championship game experience from last year, when he proved he was capable of making the big plays, and for this reason I think he will lead the Tide to victory. Give me Alabama over the Bulldogs, 28-17, with Jalen Hurts as the MVP.

Ziggy’s Prediction:

Like I said in my full preview, I’ve got the Tide, 24-13. Alabama’s defense absolutely manhandled Clemson and I don’t see Georgia doing a whole lot better. The Dawgs have a more potent rushing attack, but freshman QB Jake Fromm won’t demand much respect from the Tide’s D and they’ll key the run all night. If Fromm plays out of his mind and keeps the Bama defense honest, I’ll be wrong. But I don’t see that happening and the Tide will be able to load the box. Alabama’s offense isn’t fantastic and Jalen Hurts really hasn’t grown into the superstar that everyone thought he would, but I think the Bama offense does enough to win comfortably with the defense carrying the load.

We’ve got three Bama wins predicted by our staff and I’m sure a lot of you think we’re wrong. Let us know that we’re assholes and give us your takes tonight. Either way, it’s a great night for the S-E-C, S-E-C.

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