A “What If” Scenario: The End of Political Parties

Let’s play a quick game of “Would You Rather”

Would you rather:
Watch your parents have sex every day of your life?
Or join in once to stop it?

Do you have your answer? No matter which option you chose, we can all agree that we would prefer that neither of these options are tempting in the slightest. Still, you made your decision based on your personal idea of which you thought would be the most bearable. “Would You Rather” can be a fun game to play over drinks and watch your friends squirm over tough decisions,  but if someone actually forced you into the scenario above you would unleash vengeance upon them with the fury of one-thousand suns.

None more so than the last, presidential elections now are like a grueling real-life game of “Would You Rather”. You may be able to find some pros to both choices, but the cons of each will  be so obvious that they are screaming at you (perhaps literally if someone brings it up at a family gathering). This isn’t a new idea, we all know this and accept it every election. It has been pointed out over and over, my favorite example by far is by South Park where a Giant Douche faces off with a Turd Sand-which in school mascot election. I don’t want to beat a dead horse, and I certainly don’t want to try to follow my favorite example of mocking political parties, I instead want to imagine what might change if tomorrow we woke up and political parties were disbanded.

Political beliefs are very much on a spectrum, yet in the voting process it is almost completely polarized. Without political parties, it would be interesting to see which candidates would emerge without the pressure of  party leaders steering their beliefs and policies in order to advance a campaign. I imagine the lack of pressure from a party would allow for a more sincere candidate.

A consequence of the absence parties would definitely be an increase in attention required to make an informed decision, and that would certainly hurt attendance at the polls. However, a major pro would be the sheer variety of options you would have. You could vote for a candidate that you felt embodied most of what you believe, rather than a candidate that was a lesser disappointment. Imagine going to a Baskin Robbins for an ice cream cone and seeing tons of wonderful ice cream flavors on display, but then being told you can only choose bubble-gum or licorice flavors. Some people would eat the ice cream anyway, but many would just leave the store empty handed. Voting in America feels a lot like this hypothetical ice cream disaster i just created for you.

There is a lot more to explore in this scenario like; changes to lobbying, corruption, and cooperation between branches of the government, but instead of droning about things I am lacking knowledge on, I would like to invite you to discuss what you think would change if the parties were dissolved. If you would like to share what you think would happen, please reply to the post on twitter or Facebook.

-Sweaty Freddy-

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