Backdoor Cut (Ep. 02) — Revenge Edition

Brofessor General, Chief, and Slim are back at it again with a new episode of the Backdoor Cut Podcast. The “Revenge Edition” looks at the best performances of NBA players who were traded in the offseason, against their former teams in the 2017-2018 season.

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If you’d rather just read what we have to say, check the article out here.

Podcast Timeline

Slim’s Revenge Pick (Troy Daniels)- 3:00

Idea of “Second Draft”- 9:00

Brofessor’s Revenge Pick (Eric Bledsoe)- 13:30

Chief’s Revenge Pick (Brook Lopez)- 24:00

NBA Talk (Heat, Grizz misses)- 30:00

Paul George’s Future- 34:00

Cavs/Warrios better than Lakers/Celtics?- 39:00

CFP Championship Picks- 48:00

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