The Brofessor’s Digest, Vol 4.


For this special edition of the Bro Brief, I want to publish some of the results that I am hoping the New Year will bring (in no particular order).

Fire Tubby – Don’t take it from me. Our founder @thebarnchief has taken the plunge to start the process of letting the University of Memphis leadership know that there are passionate fans still out there, but some big time moves need to happen before it’s too late. 

Grizz top 4 draft pick – Something that clearly means a lot to many of us at the BarnBurner is the success of the Memphis Grizzlies. I am personally invested in this mission. What I do not want to happen is for us to get that too familiar 8 seed, play two playoff games at home, then pack it up for a late first round pick and go into next season with the same weak roster. Let’s have some long term vision and allow us, the fans, to prove our dedication and devotion to this team.

Cardinals World Series Championship – I know that many people are never fortunate enough for their teams to ever win a championship at the professional level. Fortunately, I was born into St. Louis Cardinals fandom so I have tasted the joy that comes with a major championship and I want to taste it again. When your team wins on that stage, that is one of those events where you remember where you are and what you are doing. Maybe this will again be the year? #12in18

The BarnBurner to be a household name – As proclaimed in our tweets, let’s make 2018 #TheYearoftheBarn! Let’s get started on 2018 and make it a year to tell our kids about!

– @barnburnerbro

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