Reddit Roundup 12.23.17

Daily response to some of the top threads on Reddit regarding the NBA and other things

Jordan Bell on his role: “Run every single time…pass it to the Lightskin dudes…and the skinny dude”

Golden State’s Jordan Bell, the 38th overall draft pick from the 2017 NBA draft has been getting some run recently with the injuries to teammates Steph Curry and Draymond Green. He is averaging 9-5-4 in 25 minutes per game over the last five games. These are valuable minutes for a team that is already awesome and his role playing makes them even more intimidating. Clearly he knows his job on the team and I respect that. In addition it looks like he’s having a lot of fun, so keep up the good work Jordan.


Karl Anthony Towns did a little shopping in Phoenix yesterday

KAT with the all out attack on Phoenix jerseys! If you’re going to talk smack, have the guts to do it to someone who can defend themselves. Devin Booker is injured now man, have some heart. He would toast you if he was actually playing against you.


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