Best Burger Basics

You know, a wise person once said – “stick with what you know”.

I’m more keen on “fake it till you make it”.

My friends, we have a guest writer today. 

Inquisitive sloth(s) are always on the look out for tiny hacks and nudges that can improve life.

When I think of the times I’m happiest, its usually in the middle of the night, right after flipping my favorite pillow over to the cold side. 

A close second however, is drinking a cold beer and eating a burger. 

For that reason, a special treat. 

The following article was written by my close friend and chef extraordinaire (@seniorbearnecesities ). He will be a guest writer from time to time, to share cooking hacks and whatever else crosses his mind. 

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Best Burger Basics

The weather may be cooling off, but that just means there is more of an excuse to do something to remind you of summer. But hey, this also means that tailgating is in full swing. Or you are just brave enough to grill year round.

No matter what your reason, a good burger can always be appreciated. With whichever blend of beef, pork, chicken or venison you may be using, there is some basic burger knowledge out there to help make the best of the experience.

Keep in mind that fresh ingredients will always make a difference, but that doesn’t mean you need to buy the most expensive cuts or travel to the farm. There is also a difference between grilling a burger vs on a skillet, but both can lead to success.

A basic combination of ground beef and bun are all you need to enjoy this classic dish and here are some other tips that have been passed down to me that have proven to make a difference.

Add an egg

Eggs are an amazing food product and continue to be difficult to substitute with equal results.

One thing that any meatloaf lover knows is to add an egg to the mixture. This is helpful for two different reasons.

Eggs are made by two principal parts, fat and protein. The protein part of the egg acts like a cement that will help your meat and other ingredients stick together. The fat will add moisture and help keep the burgers rich and juicy. I have found that 1 egg per pound of meat is enough.

Do not squish

Never! Do not do it…. No matter what. Think of taking a football and then taking all of the air out of it. That wouldn’t lead to a fun time.

Now replace that ball with a burger, but instead of air, it is filled with juicy flavor. When you press your burgers you will cook them faster, that’s how McDonald’s can cook their “meat patties” so fast, but you will be losing out on flavor and texture.

Be patient but don’t worry about over flipping. It’s important that we respect the burger and give it the time it needs to reach completion.

Let it rest

After cooking it may seem tempting to dive right it, but give it a few minutes. Set the table or serve up your favorite potato salad. Either way take a few moments to appreciate your work before watching the game or continuing the fiesta.

burgerThese basics will help you on your way to the burger kingdom. As a general rule, do not be afraid to experiment. Salt and pepper is a classic seasoning combination, but adding Sriracha or your favorite bbq rub can lead to fantastic results as well.

Until the next time you’re hungry,

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