Time and Money: A cheat-sheet to travel

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So, you either clicked the link and read the article ‘Travel more in 2018: It could save your life’, or you just continued scrolling down. Either way, let’s get to it.

Sticking with our theme: a new year quickly approaches. And upon the sound advice of inquisitive sloth’s article last week, we have decided that traveling in 2018 is our go to resolution.

But how?

Let’s look at the common barriers to travel.

1. Not enough time

2. Not enough money

A strong case.

Direct and to the point. Traveling takes up time we don’t have and money we definitely don’t have.

These are real concerns. And the bs articles and videos that tell you those are just excuses are simply trying to ignore reality.

However, the argument that money and time can be found, if travel is a made a priority in 2018, is just true. You only have to ask yourself if you’re willing to shorten those Netflix sessions, and if you can survive on only one ‘treat yo self’ day per month.

When you’ve really evaluated where time goes, you’ll often find a lot more of it. I kid you not, the average person spends 1.75 days a month watching Netflix (look at the study if you don’t believe me…we need to work on our trust).

If we are serious about trying something new this coming year, we need to re-direct our efforts. That change, coupled with this 5 point cheat-sheet, will make 2018 one hell of a year.


Scan the skies

Skyscanner is what Travelocity, Kayak and Orbits have nightmares about. This is a website that allows you to find the cheapest possible fights, on the cheapest possible days, in the cheapest possible months.

Their ‘Go everywhere’ function allows you to test your resolve and fight back the urge to duck out of work and fly down to Disney World for $25 dollars (…yes, I’m kinda serious).


What’s in your wallet?

Maybe it’s capital one? Maybe its AMEX, VISA or MasterCard. Whatever it is, I’m sure it’s there, and feeling a bit heavier than usual.

You can find articles both long and short about hacking the credit card system. I am not going to try and touch the details of this process. But I will offer an argument to take advantage of them.

*Ahem* …It’s free money.

It requires a bit of effort and an honest reflection of your financial situation, but the sign-up bonuses for travel cards are ridiculous right now. If you set aside 32 minutes this Wednesday and look into it, I guarantee you’ll save money and fly to far off destinations for half the price (the points-guy knows what he’s doing).


Go Incognito

Sorry if I’m the one to break it to you, but you’re being watched.

All of those harmless cookies floating around the internet are leading a nice trail of crumbs right to your feet. And yes, the airlines change their rates if you look twice.

So, outsmart those bastards and go incognito with your internet browser before shopping around.

Chrome Users (Command/Control + Shift N).

Safari Users (See chrome…and start using it).

Mozilla (Command/Control +Shift P).


Go where no Instagramer has gone before

You’ve seen it. I’ve seen it. Instagram is full of people posting their best pictures from their best vacations. And most of the time, they spent some money to get there. But we are looking for deals.

So, do yourself a favor and expand your reach a bit. Don’t look for the tourist traps and commonly visited sites. Ask yourself where no one around you has been, and go there. I bet it’s a lot cheaper than you’d expect. Some suggestions:

– Houston, Texas

– Montreal, Canada

– San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

– Asunción, Paraguay (you can crash at the apartment).



Make Mark Zuckerberg pay for it

The average Facebook user has 338 friends. Now, before you jump to judgement that those numbers appear low – stand up, look in the mirror and ask yourself how many of your Facebook friends you actually know.

Then remember the ones you do know that are close friends. Smile. Then come back to the article.

Ask your network if anyone’s got some connections. You will be shocked at who has family where, and who is willing to help you get out of the office and into a new experience.


There you have it. If you take these five hacks and apply them to your travel search, you will lower the cost. Its as simple as that.

Please like and comment below with any other ideas you have or resources you’ve used in the past. You know the saying…it takes a village to escape the office and travel cheaply (I think that’s the saying).

*Thanks to www.theintrepidguide.com for the cover image. Great travel resource as well.

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