BUM OF THE WEEK: Warner Bros. and/or Justice League and/or the DC Cinematic Universe

According to Forbes, a reputable financial source, I’m told, Warner Bros.’ most recent superhero flick stands to lose $50 — 100MM dollars (!!!) once production, marketing, home video, and other associated costs are factored in.  Ooof — it’s likely #Sadfleck will make a reappearance.

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Couple this brutal negative loss with the fact that Marvel almost always doubles its profits on its movies and that’s a huge hit — both mentally and fiscally — to Warner Bros’ reputation and the DC Comics cinematic universe in general.

This should be shocking, except is just isn’t, for one very important reason — WB, with regards to the DC characters (aside from the very enjoyable Wonder Woman) — seems content with releasing absurdly shitty movies replete with editing shortcuts, irrational plot points, circa-1996 CGI, laughable dialogue, and unnecessarily dark moments.  Essentially, DC is a little brother trying to beat big bro Marvel at driveway basketball, and it’s working out about as well as you’d expect.

Until now, however, it hasn’t mattered.  Both Man of Steel and Batman vs. Superman turned significant profits, and it made me wonder about the status of film in today’s society (and our general intelligence).  I guess I’m part of the problem.  I cash in my ticket stub every time one of these pieces of trash are released — if anything to make fun of how terrible they are.

Now, with Justice League leaving WB’s FY2017 in financial ruin, hopefully they’ll cease their bum activities and refocus their efforts into producing quality movies that are both fun and emotionally involving.  Take a page from LucasFilms and/or Marvel, ya bums.  Stop driving to the rim and throwing up half-hearted layups that ricochet off the bottom of the backboard.  Work on your three-point stroke and handles, stop treating your fans/audience like imbeciles, and give me some movies I can reasonably enjoy.

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