Travel more in 2018: It could save your life

2018 is right around the corner. And as great as 2017 was…I’m ready for it to go the way of Ramsey Bolton.

With a new year comes the typical New Years Resolutions. And while the last 3 years haven’t worked out…this year we’ll totally do it; right? But what should we work on?

Work out more?

Maybe get organized?

Tell our boss to go fuck him/herself?

All good ideas. But I submit the following argument. There is one New Years Resolution (NYR to save time…we all have stuff to do) that stands out above the rest. It will get you in better shape and make you more creative. It will expand your mind and make your immune system impenetrable. What’s more, it will chill you the fuck out and help you actually enjoy 2018.


In this post I will go over 5 positive outcomes of traveling, and their scientific impacts on your mind and body. At the end of this post, you’ll be ready to tell you boss to fuck off and buy a plane ticket to a new you.

  1. Traveling will make you strong like bull

We all remember Osmosis Jones I’m sure (if not…1hr 35 min – you’re welcome). In the movie we learn about antibodies, pathogens and the basic structure of our immune system. One thing we learn is that once our body fights something off, we learn from the fight and become stronger.

The same thing happens to you when you travel. You put yourself in new situations and expose yourself to new germs. As fun as that sounds, it means that your immune system is learning. You ultimately get stronger and can adapt to new environments more easily. So, travel more and you’ll get sick less often.

2. Traveling will make you as calm as a Hindu Cow

Take away your stress, anxiety, anger and depression; what do you have left? I know some people that simply wouldn’t have a personality. For the rest of us though, we’re simply happy and calm.

When we travel to new places and meet new people, we become more calm and happy. Don’t believe me? Click on this link to see the research (it’s ok, you can come back to it after the article).

3. Traveling make you smart and write good

(Get it…meh). To travel is to adapt. When you put yourself in new situations, you generally are going to meet new people; perhaps engage in a new culture, maybe even speak a new language. All of this work is expanding your mind and creating new neurons in your brain.

The end result is a more empathetic, creative and consciously aware you. Don’t believe me? Click on this link to see the research (they’re piling up).

4. Traveling keeps you looking good

This one admittedly depends on what type of traveler you are. For example: lounging on the beach in the gulf and spelunking in Mexico are two different types of travel. But, if you choose to get off the beaten path and explore something new, chances are you’ll have to work for it. That kind of exertion is a bit more than the 2:30 walk to the break-room. Ultimately, a good bit of travel will get you moving around and put you on the path to a healthier, sexier you.

5. Traveling makes you live forever

So there is no confusion…traveling, in fact, does not make you live forever. I simply put that there as a eye grab (sorry).

However, traveling does help you live longer. And of course it does. Think about what we’ve just learned.

When we travel to somewhere new, we push our immune systems and become healthier. We reduce stress, anxiety, anger and depression. We increase happiness, calmness and social awareness. We move around, see new things, meet new people and enjoy ourselves.

Holy shit, who knows…maybe it can make us live forever.

  • If you’re saying to yourself…”no shit traveling is good for you…but who has the time and/or money for that”?

Valid point. For that reason, next week I’ll write a post on how anyone can find 2 weeks of time in their busy life to travel on the cheap…and I mean cheap. Stay tuned!

*Thanks to Marcie Snyder at for the inspiration and notes for this post!!

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