Nolan Tapped for “Bond 25” — Daniel Craig’s Last Hurrah

According to a UK news source, acclaimed filmmaker of The Dark Knight and Dunkirk fame, Christopher Nolan, has been retained to direct the untitled Bond No. 25, which is coincidentally Daniel Craig’s last contractual flick with the franchise.  Here’s the operative language:

Now a Spanish fan website is claiming that two sources from the UK and US have confirmed the Dunkirk director is the chosen filmmaker to helm Bond 25.

The outlet said: “On this occasion, two different sources, one from the United States and the other from the United Kingdom…tell us that Nolan will be the director and that he is already working on the film.”

Let me just say first: fuck yes.  Nolan was put on this earth to direct a Bond film.  His slick visual style, real-life special effects (without using gratuitous CGI), and penchant for multi-dimensional villains checks all the boxes for a 007 adventure.  Further, his “real world” Batman movies were sort of the predecessor to Craig’s more realistic and grounded Bond movies.  Most importantly, Nolan is British and grew up idolizing Bond, which is sure to spell a brilliant homage.

Now, give me cinematographer wunderkid, Hoyte van Hoytema, behind the camera and Tom Hardy as “the muscle” henchman, and I’ll be all in.  Start crushing martinis now.

[banner image from Getty/Sony]

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