The Brofessor’s Digest, Vol 3.

It’s time to stop freaking out about the Cavs.

King James and crew are on a 5 game win streak and are the second hottest team in the league right now. They are 5.5 games back of the insanely on fire C’s. They are well on their way to a repeat of last year’s season, which is exactly what I am predicting. 2 seed in the East and beat the Celtics in the Eastern Conference Finals. Side note; did you know that LeBron is 32! He is averaging 28-7-8. This is regular season Bron. Postseason Bron is good for at least a 10% bump in those numbers because half the team will be hurt and he will have to pick up for their slack. This team is a bunch of oldies right now with almost half their roster over the age of 30 and only two guys under 25. It shouldn’t be exciting because we know how the story ends, but every year it’s fun to watch.

Grizz struggle against Blazers

If you want to feel the full gauntlet of emotions that comes with being a Memphis Grizzlies fan, allow yourself the pain and follow @TheBarnChief and @BarnBurnerSlim. Grizz fell 100-92 on Monday night to the guard-powered Portland TrailBlazers. In the past, the Blazers have always been a good match up for the Grizz and have been a hard but usually winnable game. As has been the case for the past few losses, Memphis shot poor from behind the line at 8-30. The Grizz got out rebounded 60-35!!! WHAT!? Outside of individual performances, clearly Memphis is falling away from its roots and source of success. I am pleased that we only gave up 100 points to a team that has Lillard and Mccollum, but we have to score over 100 to win games in the NBA. Right now the youngest Ball kid is probably tearing up homeschoolers and scoring more by himself than the whole Grizzlies’ roster is capable of.

More Grizz thoughts

No I am not satisfied with how things are going, as Memphis now sits in the all too familiar 8th slot in the West. However, there are a few thoughts on individuals that are encouraging. There are also others that make me wonder why we have folks on the roster.

Deyonta Davis doesn’t look super helpless out there. I think he might end up being a contributor once he gets some minutes. He is athletic, which means there is potential.

Reke is the biggest story line of the year for Memphis right now. What I am afraid of is that we are wasting games when he is at his peak and then once he starts to cool down, it is too late to make up that ground.

McClemore- ehhh. He hasn’t found his stroke yet, but he is good at backdoor cuts and is doing his best to get buckets around the rim. Hopefully that confidence translates to some deeper shots.

JaMychal Green has been very impressive to me since he came back. Putting up Z-Bo type numbers it is encouraging to have someone who cares about rebounds and disrupts in the paint.

Who are Jarell, Andy and James?

 What to Watch

I am in the beginning stages of watching the Hulu original, Future Man. It is based around a Jennifer Lawrence-less Josh Hutcherson, who is a millennial gamer who is a janitor on the side. He lives under his parent’s roof still and wants something more from his life. I’m only two episodes in so you will have to wait for a full review until I know what the heck is going to happen. So far it has been a crudely comic and ironic ride through time and back again.

Memphis Tiger Football is Fun

One rule with the Tigers this year: always bet the over. This team is super explosive and ranks in the top ten in the country when it comes to passing yards. Riley Ferguson has fallen down a few notches in the QB stats rankings as the run game has picked up and the Tiger’s O-line becomes more dominant. One of the most exciting talking points of the year remains Anthony Miller, the Memphis wide receiver who is 2nd in the country in receiving TD’s and 8th in receiving yards. This past week against SMU, he became the Memphis all-time leader in receiving yards and receiving touchdowns. This kid is phenomenal and gives the Tiger faithful another player to watch next year on Sunday…one who isn’t a kicker!!


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