The Brofessor’s Digest, Vol 2.

5 notable-ish takeaways from the weekend in potentially relevant topics

  1. Friendsgiving

If you’re like me, you have friends that are beginning to scatter across the country/world as they get married, move for work, or continue their education elsewhere. One tradition that dates back to approximately 2009 that has been an excuse for young folks to get together and relieve the glory days in a much calmer manner is the holiday of Friendsgiving. With this holiday there are guidelines and I think BuzzFeed does a nice job of setting the scenery. The host is the most critical piece of the pie and can make or break the gathering. Just so you know, I think we pulled of a pretty successful one this week.

  1. Titans Win

What the heck guys? Murray has sucked for a few weeks so I sit him and then he goes off with 3 TD’s. Obviously I want a team W more than a personal fantasy win, but dang. MM looks to be back in good form right now as the Titans continue to barely win against mediocre teams. The Jags won in OT so unfortunately the Titans were unable to take sole possesion atop the AFC South this week.

  1. Grizz rolled over by Rockets

I knew it was bound to happen. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Can’t fool Harden and crew for a third time in a row. The only players on the Grizz to post a positive +/- were McLemore and a few misc guys with 5 minutes less of playing time. Not much good news to report from this one. Hopefully the Grizz can salvage a road win against Milwaukee on Monday and then return home safely to the friendly confines of the Forum and begin to take care of business again.

  1. Butch finally got fired

Don’t we all wish that we could be bad at our job and get paid over 8 million to stop doing it. As a Memphis alumn, I am slightly sad about this because this is another cog in the D1 football coaching carousel. This means that the odds of continued success at my alma mater are decreasing daily as Mike Norvell gains notoriety and becomes a hot commodity. Speaking of odds, check out Ziggy’s article on who Vegas is betting on taking over for Vol nation.

5. Congrats to Beltran

Houston Astros’ legendary outfielder Carlos Beltran announced that he is retiring from baseball after 20 seasons. One of the most vivid baseball images I have from my childhood is the NLDS of 2006 in game 7. A young Adam Wainwright struck out Beltran on a beautiful curveball to send the Cards on the way to the World Series where they would win their 10th in franchise history. Carlos’ longevity and notable defense make him one of the greats. Congrats sir, glad you could go out on top. See you in the hall of fame.


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