Marvel cannot be stopped!

The rumors are running rampant that Disney is currently negotiating with 21st Century Fox to buy most of the studio and film rights therein. How is this relevant? Currently, 21st Century Fox holds the character rights to all of the major missing characters from the Marvel Universe. Most notably, the entirety of the X-men, The Fantastic 4, and even Deadpool. If these negotiations go through, Marvel will truly be as unstoppable as the Juggernaut is supposed to be (unlike the bastardization of his character in X Men The Last Stand)

Now I believe in giving credit where credit is due, 21st Century Fox had some pretty solid films with their Marvel characters, Logan was an instant classic, and Deadpool wasn’t too shabby either. Those two films cannot ever excuse the atrocity of a Fantastic Four reboot though….. nothing can. Look, I’m not saying Marvel Studios is perfect either, but you have to admit they are destroying the competition right now. Every movie they have produced has registered somewhere pretty high on the “entertaining scale”. The idea that Marvel could actually acquire the remainder of its missing characters only adds to the potential of the studio that was already looking close to limitless.

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