The Brofessor’s Digest, Vol 1

In this column, we will cover, debrief, and discuss 5 notable things that happened over the weekend. These could be things local, national, or global. By no means is this a comprehensive list of important things that you need to know. There is even no guarantee that these will be relevant to you at all. However, they mean something to me so there is a chance you will find them interesting as well.

  1. Hustle and Flow

Saturday marked the premier of the new Memphis Grizzlies G League affiliate, the Memphis Hustle.  Even though they technically play just south of the state line in Southaven, MS, there is a distinct Grit n Grind feeling that resides with this team. From the Grizzline to the Claw Crew, it was an exciting experience and showcase of talent that the Grizz have in their “farm system”. Memphis may only be home to one sports team that is professional at the highest level, but we are quickly becoming home to quite the array of minor league sports teams. From the record breaking Memphis Redbirds to our friends the RiverKings and Hustle in the southern part of the metro area, there is plenty of inexpensive sports entertainment available. There is also potential to add a minor league soccer team in a few years to downtown Memphis at AutoZone Park. The only thing missing is a professional football team, which I guess is not meant to be since the NAFL never came to Memphis.

Takeaways from my first Memphis Hustle experience:

  1. Kobi Simmons is exciting and I could see him being a solid NBA role player for the Grizz. He likes to drive and get to the rim, something the Grizz have lacked until this year. Maybe he can step up next year after the likely loss of Tyreke Evans to free agency.
  2. Ivan Rabb was a pleasant surprise. He seems to be a very athletic post player similar to JaMychal Green. I appreciated his willingness to hustle (pun intended) and be active on the boards. Rebounding is an area the parent team has lacked in this year.
  3. From an overall experience I would rate a solid 4 stars. The quality of basketball is good. It feels much more like a college faceoff than a NBA Summer League game. Which is good because those games are often painful to watch. Also, the beer is much cheaper and seats are about a quarter of the price of the Forum.


  1. Tigers roll to victory 41-14

In another Friday night football game, the Memphis Tigers squared off against the Tulsa Golden Hurricane.  I don’t know about you, but as a Tiger fan, I never go into a game feeling overly confident. In the past we have found ways to lose many games that we should have won. I almost prefer to be the underdog so that when we do eke out a win, it is that much more exciting. After one half, I felt like this could be one of those games that we give away and that it would cause a quick demise to our otherwise exciting season. After the first half, the Tigers led 21-14. Fortunately, they took care of business in the second half, scoring 20 unanswered and closing the game 41-14. In a rare occasion, the Tigers did not reach the Vegas over/under of 81.

After this week, Riley Ferguson ranks 5th in TDs thrown this season with 27. JT Barrett  is one of the QBs ahead of him, but he had a bum week vs Iowa and should have some of those TD’s removed from his name.  Ferguson is 7th in passing yards this year. Oklahoma QB Baker Mayfield is a beast and is top five in both categories. Tiger receiver Anthony Miller now ranks 2nd nationally in receiving touchdowns with 11 and 6th in receiving yards with 905.

  1. Grizz “whoop” the Clips 113-104giphy

Solid team effort in this game. SF Dillon Brooks drew his first start of his rookie career and struggled as he fouled out with only 2 pts on 1-8 shooting. The Grizzlies’ bench continues to put up big numbers as all 4 subs scored in double digits. Parsons continues to be a playmaker when he is on the floor. Now that his shots are falling, the defense is forced to close out more, which allows him to drive and dish upon the collapse of the defense. One particular drive and alley oop to Brandan Wright was a beautiful example of this. Sounds like Parsons is still on a minutes restriction at 20 and not cleared to participate in back to backs. Also, Mike and Marc both scored in the 20’s, something that has to happen for us to beat good teams. Even if our bench is scoring at a blistering pace, the Grizz still need production from the two leaders.

The Grizz led most of the game and suffered through several shooting and defensive draughts which almost allowed the Clippers to win, but came through when it counted during winning time. Beating the Clippers always feels so good. I will admit that it is harder to hate Blake Griffin since I have seen his appearance in Broad City and also know that he is bros with Chandler Parsons. However, I can put those emotions aside for a few hours and take pleasure in his suffering.

  1. Broad City Bishes

This portion isn’t actually reflective, but more forward looking. If you’re like me, you don’t really retain media the first or second time through. I’m participating in Broad City trivia later this week which is why I must dedicate the next 3 days to copious amounts of time binge watching Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer’s chick buddy comedy series. In the words of Ilana, it’s dope and I highly recommend the watch for anyone who has a good friend and wishes they didn’t have to work as much and just wants to live an adventurous life in a crazy city with an apparently bottomless pool of money.

giphy (1)

  1. Couch to half marathon is a bad idea

In the grand scheme of things, being in your late 20’s isn’t that old. You still feel like you should be invincible and be able to take on any task with the same ease as your early 20’s. However, nature has other ideas. My point being, if you’re going to do something that involves multiple hours of one particular physical motion, please train for it. Or you will pay for it.

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