NBA FANTASY POWER RANKINGS 11.6.17 – East Coast Edition

I present to you: This week’s NBA Fantasy Power Rankings, Eastern Conference Edition. Would you be surprised to know that “The Process” just might be working? Are the best players in the East on the best teams? Look no further to find the answers you seek.

*Reminder: These rankings do not look at team records, but solely at the Fantasy Points Per Game metric*

Eastern Conference

15. Chicago Bulls -196.9 pts per game

The Bulls right now are bums. When one of the Lopez brothers is your second most valuable fantasy player, you have no hope. So much has changed in the past 20 years…

14. Milwaukee Bucks – 204.8

Did you know the Greek Freak is still only 22 years old? He has been terrorizing the league for at least ten years now it feels like. Giannis is 4th in the league in FP (fantasy points), but the next closest support player is Middleton with 200 FP less than him. What a shame.

13. Charlotte Hornets – 206.8

Kemba and Dwight are solid cornerstones as they rank 21st and 27th respectively in the NBA in FP, but they are responsible for 2/3 of their team’s entire points. Dwight is still a beast on the boards, pulling down almost as many rebounds as he has FGM. Unfortunately the dynamic duo’s effort is not enough to make a difference statistically.

12. Atlanta Hawks – 207.8

Team fundamentals in the East is pretty much just league average in all categories. Steals is the only thing they beat the norm in but not by any significant margin. As is expected, they have no clear FP leader, but they do have four guys over 200 FPs. Everyone knows teamwork makes the dream work, right?

11. Cleveland Cavaliers – 207.9

Despite LeBron killing it and having the third most FP and KLove also having more FP than any player on the Hawks, they still aren’t putting together anything impressive. It takes more than one person to row a ship. However, LeBron has been known to go into superhuman mode when it counts. All they need to do is hop up a few spots and make the playoffs and anything can happen. #Believeland

10. Miami Heat – 210

A bunch of randos led by the Dragon are actually doing better than expected, despite Whiteside only being available for half the games so far. He ranks 7th on the team in FP. Gotta get some more blocks man!

9. Detroit Pistons – 210.6

Who knew that Tobias Harris was an actually decent NBA player? With him and Reggie Jackson (the baseball player?) as a support cast for Andre Drummond, they Pistons are hanging around, trying to snag a playoff spot in fantasy world.

8. New York Knicks – 214.8

Kristaps is a beast and his top 5 ranking in blocks is certainly a boost. Enes Kanter ain’t too bad as he provides most of his value in the form of rebounds. They need another player or two to step up and add some significant value, but they are an interesting team to keep an eye on.

7. Indiana Pacers – 218.8

They are like the Hawks, but better. They have 5 players at or above the 200 point level with 4 guys led by Oladipo hovering around that 300 total FP mark. At least the guy they got from trading PG has turned out to be their fantasy MVP so far.

6. Boston Celtics – 219.3

Kyrie is holding it down at the top of their lineup as expected. They eke past the Pacers for now because they go a solid 6 players deep with Marcus Smart holding down the caboose of fantasy usefulness.

5. Orlando Magic – 219.8

Just barely in 5th place, the Magic, led by Evan and Nikola are holding strong. Their above average scoring and assists keep them relevant in a league where it is hard to win without All-Stars, and you don’t get extra points for showy slam dunks.

4. Toronto Raptors – 220.9

Sitting at 4th in the East and 7th overall, the Raptors shine on the defensive end with solid league positions in both steals and blocks. “If I shoot it, it goes in” DeRozan leads the team with a not super impressive 320 total FP. This is only good enough for 35th in the NBA, but his hodge podge cast of above average players have helped land them at this position.

3. Brooklyn Nets – 223.8

Women lie, men lie, but numbers don’t lie…or do they? I had to do a double check on this one friends. It seems consistency across the board is key to being a champion in the fantasy lands. None of their top guys are noteworthy by themselves, but as a team they put together enough to keep them near the top…for now.

2. Philadelphia 76ers – 225.2

Assists, Rebounds, Steals. That is how this crew has done it all season long. Ben Simmons is the real deal (on paper) and Joel is trying to prove that he is worth that contract extension. It seems that the front office has made enough right moves to keep Philly relevant, in something irrelevant, but we don’t have to tell them that.

1. Washington Wizards – 225.9

JWall, BB, and OPJ are ballin’ out this year for the Wizards. They like to get buckets, take the rock from the other team, and maintain possession for themselves. This combination of category dominance has led the Wizards to the top fantasy spot in the East. Way to go guys. I knew that KD should have chosen you.

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