RANKINGS: Ric Flair Rap Lyrics

DISCLAIMER: Yes I know I haven’t written shit since March.  The BarnBurner has a very lenient PTO policy, and I took time off to try to make the Memphis Hustle roster.  Spoiler alert: I got cut after not being able to run a mile without stopping.  Back to it-

Ric Flair is the fucking G.O.A.T., and as BarnBurner’s chief WWE writer and G.O.A.T. expert, I would know.  The record holding 16 time champion (and to anyone that writes the analytics argument valuing time holding the belt as a better indicator of greatness that gaining the belt- fuck off, you don’t understand wrestling) has transcended wrestling and is a staple in pop-culture, most notably, rap lyrics.

Which makes sense, when you consider the rhyme skills:

and maybe even more synonymous with rap today, bragging about money, women, and status:

So which MC’s have paid homage the best to the G.O.A.T.?

5. Young Thug on “Patek Water”

The Rollie on Ric Flair, my wrist is just wet up (woo)

While most rappers just hit the “Woo” as an ad-lib in their verses, Thug is able to reference a staple of Ric Flair, his famous gold Rolex.

4. Offset on “Dipset”

I’m a rock star and I don’t care, and I pop my shit like Ric Flair

Is Ric Flair really considered a rockstar?

Well after a health scare earlier this year, he tweeted a video to his fans explaining that he was back in good health, while wearing a shirt that said “I ain’t dead yet, mother fuckers!”

Case closed.

3. Offset on “Ric Flair Drip”

Ric Flair drip- go “Woo!” on a bitch

Suprise mixtape from 21 Savage featuring Offset and Metro Boomin’ last week was a huge inspiration for this article.  Offset has used “Woo” as an ad-lib so much that a younger generation had wondered if he was the one who really coined it.  Going back to back on the rankings, Offset has finally found a way to pay perfect homage the originator of his favorite ad-lib.

Side note:

Quick review of “Without Warning”- 21 linked up with Metro Boomin’ is always a winner for me, but none of the tracks are as good as his smash “Bank Account” of Issa  from earlier this year.  Though, if you love tracks about wearing expensive clothes and having enough guns to take over a country, you’ll enjoy this tape.

2. Killer Mike on “Kill Joi”

Woo! Ric Flair, Ric Flair flashing, Bitch don’t I look dashing?

First off, this whole track is dope as hell, and Killer Mike goes the hardest.  His flow is unmatched (which says a lot rapping opposite of Big Boi), and pays perfect homage to the stylin’ profilin’ G.O.A.T.

1. Pusha-T on “Don’t Like”

WOO, That’s rare N****, Ric Flair N****

Pusha T is the best rapper on this list (apologies to Killer Mike), and really put the Nature Boy references on the map in the rap game.  Pusha T drops this line in several of his verses, much like Ric Flair would drop the same ad-libs in his many epic promos.  Pusha has described that he’s a huge wrestling fan, and notes that one of his childhood highlights was seeing the Four Horseman coming through East Tennessee (bonus trivia-Flair was actually born in Memphis, but shortly after adopted and moved to Michigan).  Extra points for the lines that follow:

“Woo, That’s rare N****, Ric Flair N****

The Power’s in my hair, N****

I gave this beat the chair, N****”

And on that note, I think I just gave this blog post the chair.

Quick Dope or Nope:

Stranger Things Season 2- DOPE- On par with the first season, with minimal missteps. Go Watch it!

The Good Place- DOPE– Currently the best show on TV.  You have time to catch up with Season 1 on Netflix, and the first half of Season 2 while the show takes a hiatus for Thursday Night NFL on NBC.

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