DOPE OR NOPE: Americans S5, Ed Sheeran Album, GoT S7 Reveal, WWE Fastlane

Per my Twitter profile, which you should totally follow, I tend to talk mad shit after drinking too many IPAs.  I am happy to share that I have drank several IPAs watching the Grizzlies lose their fourth straight to the fucking Clippers.  As I’m writing this post, and I’m ready to talk my shit. Welcome to this week’s DOPE OR NOPE.

The Americans Season 5- DOPE.  

The Americans is consistently one of the best shows on TV, though less than a million people watched the season 5 premier, “Amber Waves.”  I could spend the rest of this article giving you reasons to catch up on the 53 episodes you missed, like how this isn’t a show about Russian spies, but a prestige family drama in a unique perspective; mention that due to our political climate this show is more relevant than ever; discuss how it’s finally getting Emmy love with nominations last year to catch up to its critical acclaim; it features really fun espionage scenes with crazy costumes/disguises; or most importantly, that every so often you get to see Keri Russell’s ass, but no one’s got time to really catch up that hasn’t already.  Here are a few thoughts on the premier:

  • Overall, I thought the episode was good, not great, but I love the set up for the rest of the season: bringing Paige into the family business, Philip’s son en route to America, and the food crisis in the Soviet Union.  I think this season will bring some of the greatest moments to the show’s themes we’ve come to love.
  • Stan’s relationship with the Jennings feels reminiscent of Hank’s with Walter White in the last season of Breaking Bad.  Seems very unlikely that the Jennings head back to the motherland before Stan ultimately puts the dots together.
  • Can Henry dunk?  Holy shit he got tall as fuck.
  • The grave digging scene was entirely too long.  I understand that this show is masterful with suspense, but 15 minutes on one scene with no dialogue is just asinine.  Hated to see Hanz get got, but we all know the first rule in exhuming bodies contaminated with biological warfare weapons, don’t fucking slip and get infected with weapon.

Game of Thrones Date Reveal- NOPE. 

The whole realm sighed when they realized that winter finally coming meant that Game of Thrones would be delayed, but they hadn’t seen nothing yet.  Game of Thrones/HBO wanted to make a spectacle of unveiling the release date.  So naturally, they put the date in the biggest fucking block of ice Antarctica has to offer, and asked fans to comment “FIRE” and “DRACARYS” to melt it, revealing the date.  Unfortunately, they overestimated the size of the ice block, because with over 100,000 viewers at its peak, I’m sure their expectations were shattered.  Unfortunately, the feed crashed 3 times before the date, 7.16.17, was finally unveiled.

Ed Sheeran’s new album, ÷ -DOPE.

Ed Sheeran’s new album, ÷  is dope as hell.  Having written music for the likes of Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber, on top of his own success, Sheeran is undoubtedly one of the greatest pop song writers of our time.  This new album is catchy, soulful, and most importantly, ED SHEERAN HAS BARS.  His opening track, “Eraser” features verses that quickly turn into rap flows, and it’s dope as hell.  The album does a great job featuring excellent songs that can be played on the radio, as well as songs that are much more personal to Sheeran, and many blending the line between the two categories.  Other notable tracks are “Dive” which sounds like a prequel to his hit “Thinking Out Loud”- soulful, great lyrics, and just a fucking jam; as well as “New Man” a fun, up-beat joint that is satirical but a great snapshot of what going through a break up is really like.

WWE’s Fastlane- NOPE.

Oh fuck yes we’re going to discuss wrestling on The Barn Burner.  This past PPV caught an L, but the following RAW and Smackdown bounced back.  I’ll be back with a full Wrestlemania preview once we get closer.

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