Karl-Anthony Towns’ Dad Needs to Chill, Bro

The disappointing season for the T-Wolves just got even stranger. Despite two young stars in Wiggins and Towns and a deep backcourt, the Wolves are still three games back from the coveted 8-seed/Warriors match-up in the West and will probably miss the playoffs altogether. To make things even worse, the team’s mascot, Crunch, has gone and pissed off the dad of the team’s best player. In a hilarious down-aisle sledding incident (because Minnesota), Crunch apparently veered off-course and bumped an empty chair in the front row, causing that chair to hit the knee of KAT’s dad, KAT, Sr. KAT, Sr. then proceeded to handle this accident as poorly as he possibly could, showing up at All-Star weekend on crutches and now, apparently, considering suing the Wolves. The team his son plays for. The team who is going to give his son a max contract someday.

Now if this was an everyday, blue collar Minneapolis dude, I’d be all for it. Crunch fucked up here so go get yourself paid. Without getting too lawyer-y, the organization needs to make sure all the fans in the arena are safe and that didn’t happen. But this isn’t an ordinary fan. This is a guy that sits front row at Wolves games because his own damn son makes six million dollars and starts at the 4. I’m sure the Wolves will smooth this over and offer to pay for all his injuries, but it shouldn’t even have to come to that. Laugh it off, turn it into a positive for the Wolves, go shoot a commercial with Crunch for some local pain relief clinic (someone send me the link if this happens). Just don’t damage your goodwill with your son’s team and take away Crunch’s job security over an injury, especially one inflicted in such a harmless and hilarious way. Plus, do we really want to deny the Wolves fans this top-notch sledding entertainment? It’s really all they have, man.

Photo Credit: nba.com

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