Is the Trump presidency a tell tale sign that we are slipping into Idiocracy?

Is the Trump presidency a tell tale sign that we are slipping into Idiocracy?

Love him or hate him, (you probably hate him) you have to admit that Trump has demonstrated an unprecedentedly IQ when compared to previous presidents. Now let me clear, I HAVE NO POLITICAL AGENDA HERE. I just want to examine society as a whole and announce my prediction that we might be headed for a  future remarkably similar to the one portrayed by the 2006 film “Idiocracy.”

Now if you haven’t seen the movie, I highly recommend it. It stars Luke Wilson, playing an “average Joe” type character who is frozen against his will as part of a military project. When he wakes up in a distant future, where technology is far superior, but the population is completely void of remotely intelligent people. The world has all but fallen to ruin and Luke Wilson’s character tries to salvage a decent society with his average IQ making him the smartest person on the planet by far.

The concept of the film that drove the plot is that the most intelligent people in society tend to have far fewer children when compared to lesser educated members of society. This trend according to the theory of Idiocracy will eventually lead to more intelligent members of society to be completely overtaken by the lower educated population, and eventually be weeded out altogether. There are a ton of holes in the theory, but it still a really interesting concept to consider.

I first believed the theory had merit when reality television became extremely popular. Trash television like “Jersey Shore” and “Keeping up with the Kardashians” filling the minds of people everywhere with nothing but mush. However now that Donald Trump is the president of the United States, I believe the theory of Idiocracy holds more merit than ever and I will explain.

One of the major characters in Idiocracy is the president of the future (played by Terry Crews).


His name is President Camacho and he is got his political come up as a pro wrestler. Essentially, everyone loved the way he kicked ass in the ring so they made him the fucking president so he could kick ass for the country!

Now guess who else had a strong a connection to pro wrestling and is now a politician?
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Here’s a hint….. it’s our current president, who has appeared numerous times on the WWE and is in the WWE hall of fame.

With this realization, I now believe that we are not all that far away from this future because there are simply too many parallels between the film and current society.

You might ask “what can be done?” Well you can try to fight it and inevitably be overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of the people moving this direction…… Or, you could steer into like me and just enjoy the wild wild ride we are about to have. In an effort to do so, I would like to get the ball rolling for Terry Crews to run for president next term as President Comacho, because there would never be a boring day under a Motha Fuckin Comacho presidency!

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