Let Chandler Have Fun for God’s Sake

Chandler Parsons went on a trip to Cancun with his buddies & the entirety of #GrizzNation AND the Memphis media set themselves on fire yesterday.  This reaction was idiotic, unfounded in all reason, and honestly could affect the future of the franchise’s recruitment of free agents.  Here are 5 rebuttals.  You don’t have to agree with me, you can be wrong and an asshole.

1.    “Why ain’t he rehabbing and getting up shots instead of partying with his buddies?”  Now, we satirically roasted CP last week.  But the fact is, he’s frequently rehabbing on social media.  A large percentage of his Instagram stories are him in weight room, getting cryotherapy, or training with the Grizz PTs.  The dude does want to be healthy.  What’s the alternative to him expressing levity with his injury situation?  CP says all the right things, shows up to practice, plays all the games the Grizz allow him to play (he doesn’t decide DNPs), and he hustles when he’s on the court.  Wait a minute, now I’M MAD THAT ANDREW HARRISON ISN’T PERFECTING HIS EUROSTEP AT THIS VERY MOMENT.

2.    Local CA columnist Geoff Calkins called CP “tone-deaf” and argued that CP should “devote [his] social media posts to demonstrating how hard [he’s] working, rather than to how much [he’s] reveling in [his] loot?”  First of all, has Calkins seen the the multitude of Instagram stories detailing CP’s rehab?  Doubtful because Calkins does not appear to have an Instagram.  Does Calkins know what Instagram is?  Moreover, does he understand the function of Instagram’s “story” feature and how it mimics Snapchat?  Probably not.  Here’s what I believe happened: a fan or colleague tweeted Calkins an image of CP’s Instagram post.  Without any context or additional research whatsoever, Calkins took his tone-deaf stance and sowed his proverbial seeds.  However, as Calkins routinely says, the “truth of the matter is,” CP already does exactly what Calkins is calling for.  It actually is a little annoying to always see him jogging on controlled-temp treadmills, hot-tubbing/ice-bathing.  The #Chancun post that launched a thousand ships was actually a breath of fresh air from his usual stories from the depths of the Grizz training facility.

3.    Chandler should’ve been more tactful when he got paid, like Mike Conley, who is SOOOO unassuming.”  Comparing Chandler’s Handling of His Max Contract to Mike Conley’s is Asinine.  Chandler Parsons is 28 years old, wealthy from a max deal, handsome, confident, fun-loving, and single.  Mike Conley is 29 years old, wealthy from a max deal, handsome, confident, fun-loving, and MARRIED WITH A FUCKING CHILD!  While this difference may appear minute to those without a functional brain or cognitive reasoning skills, I assure you that it is a key distinction.  Here’s why: young, single rich dudes are more likely to go on lavish beach party-cations with beautiful women than married fathers (or at least they should be).  Furthermore, young, single rich dudes are more likely to post about such escapades on social media.  A post about your infant child spitting up on your shirt just doesn’t have the same pizzazz as one at the Cancun airport.  This is not a knock on Mike Conley.  Conley is incredibly gracious and an amazing Grizz, but he is simply not in the same position as CP.

4.    “It’s not that he’s on vacation, it’s that he’s such a BRO and acts really DOUCHEY.”  Like what?  I see quite a few images online of CP posting with fans.  He actually seems very approachable and friendly.  In what world is posting about your vacation douchey.  Did any of you go to spring break in college?  Why is TA’s social media ridiculousness endearing but CP’s is “douchey?”  Hop in and return with me to reality.  CP chose OUR CITY and rebuked another max offer to go play with two very explosive guards in Dame Lillard & CJ McCollum.  Any judging of his behavior comes from a place of pure jealously.  Men are mad they ain’t him, and women are mad they ain’t with him.

5.    “He shouldn’t be vacationing when he isn’t producing on the court!”  Stop for a second, and put yourself in CP’s shoes.  Imagine you have just received a substantial promotion to do a specific job.  Right out of the gates, the job proves more challenging than you originally thought.  You work daily to get better and don’t shirk your responsibilities, but you’re simply under performing.  Thankfully, a bright light is ahead.  There’s a company-wide vacation period upcoming, and you plan a trip with friends to take your mind off your job and all associated stress.  BUT WAIT, no sooner had you arrived at the airport and posted on social media about your exciting trip than EVERYONE STARTS RAILING YOU.  Can you imagine how you’d feel?  Is that even remotely reasonable?  If you think it is, please tweet me and explain your stance.  (@TheBarnChief).

Memphis:  It’s in our best interest to attract free agents and talent to our team and city.  NBA free agents are typically fun-loving and wealthy.  Why would we disincentive them coming to play for the Grizz by tweeting our buttholes at the time.  I support CP.  Let the dude live, man.

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