Grammy Recap

Well, you may be wondering, who the hell is Young Goat?  What’s the life expectancy for a goat, and what constitutes a goat’s youth anyway?  Well, to be honest, I’m wondering what the hell is The BarnBurner?  And to even more honest, because there’s nothing more sacred than the trust in a relationship between a novice blogger and his non-existent internet audience, I have zero answers for you.  But I do have some thoughts on The Grammy’s:

  1.  Does anyone really like 21 Pilots?  Like I thought it was a weird ass joke at first, but they actually won a Grammy tonight and I can only assume they won the electoral college for Best Pop/Duo Group Performance, but most definitely lost the popular vote.  They’re not even the most popular 21 of 2016. That title belongs to 21 Savage, issa true.
  2. I would’ve given that award to “Work” by Drake and Rihanna.  Drake somehow actually won Best Rap Song, for a song that came out 2015, and this next part is important, doesn’t have any fucking rapping in it.  As for Rihanna, she was caught with a really dope flask, dancing in the crowd.  So shouts out to her.
  3. Chance the Rapper is currently on one like I’ve never seen before, but does it make sense that he won Best New Artist?  His first project dropped in 2012, and his critically acclaimed, but far less celebrated in popular culture, mixtape Acid Rap dropped in 2013.  Maybe I’ll win Best New BarnBurner contributor in 2020.
  4. Bruno Mars is electric.  When I die, I hope he plays my funeral as a tribute.  This isn’t his first go either, check out his excellent performance honoring Amy Winehouse in 2011.
  5. The biggest topic of the night was undoubtedly Adele winning 5 awards, while saying that Beyonce should’ve won instead every time.  This is incredibly interesting to me for a few reasons, but for this point let’s talk about music as a medium.  No one purchases physical copies of music anymore, unless you’re like really into your record player and I just don’t get that shit at all.  Anyways, the two biggest albums of the year weren’t available on all streaming services for months after release, and Beyonce’s Lemonade still isn’t (exclusively on Tidal, which Jay-Z owns).  It will be interesting to see how the streaming wars currently going on with Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, etc. affect our enjoyment of music in the future.
  6. As for the discussion of whether Adele or Beyonce should’ve won, I don’t really have a take (is it a hotter take to not have a take? especially if a take was so hot it could burn a barn?).  I do wonder what Jay-Z is thinking about when all this is going on.  His wife, beloved by all, mother to his daughter and 2 more on the way, who performed a song about motherhood earlier in the show, while pregnant with twins, flaunting a body that looks better than mine ever has, made an award winning album about how you cheated on her.  I understand that Jay has a great life, but I didn’t envy being him tonight.
  7. As for Corden, I generally find him incredibly likable.  Though I found his hosting job average at best tonight.  It’s a tough ask, and it seems like the move lately is to play it safe, have a decent opening, and back off the rest of the show.

What did everyone else think?

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