Memphis Tigers Basketball c/o 2020 Recruitment Running Blog

Even though the college basketball recruiting landscape will look incredibly altered this year, there are still many coaches scrambling to add the key piece to a recruiting class or snag the best player on the transfer market. Here we will keep up with the rumors surrounding who Memphis and Coach Penny Hardaway are looking to sign for the 2020 class.

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Bonus TICH – Interview with One Shining Moment Twitter Video Creator, Max Goren

Today was supposed to be the day that we all worked for. The reason we got those reps in. The reason we watched all that film. The reason we stayed up watching UC Santa Barbara vs. Hawaii at the Devil’s hour. But as we know there is no tournament. That’s why we decided to give you a bonus episode. We interview Max Goren, the creator of the viral One Shining Moment video that’s been circulating on twitter. He gives us some context on the creation of the video, how he’s handling fame and we even talk a little NC State basketball.

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Theater In College Hoops (Ep. 63)- Interview with draft analyst Matt Babcock

Welp. It happened. It actually happened. No NCAA tournament so naturally we discuss Coronavirus and how abrupt this ending really is. We give you a glimpse of what is to come with TICH in the offseason. Then we chat with NBA draft analyst, former NBA agent and former Arizona Wildcat, Matt Babcock. He gives us a fantastic look inside the draft evaluation process, his time at a big agency and thoughts on Sean Miller. We end the season with Where Am I? and Hugs. Thanks for the support all year, gang.

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